'Extremely interesting material', is what the visual anthropologist in me says. I have seen so many distant documentaries about Africa, or very fast ones in which you don't understand how things are experienced. In this material, I do feel the experience. A special intercultural encounter that makes me curious!

I know Nico and I know that he makes very beautiful, but above all very genuine films. This is also an incredible topic.

Because of the importance of the content and potential impact of this project and because of the trust in Nico in making something special.

I think it looks wonderful. A bit like Jean Rouch, in his West African films.

A special film by a special maker. It must remain possible to see these types of films and therefore to make them as well!

Because Nico makes wonderful films and this film needs to be made.

A heartfelt and personal story.

I have seen a remarkably beautiful and intriguing trailer.

Parceque j y crois

(Because I believe in it.)

It is important to show that there are also people who love their country and culture so much that they do not want to leave. Beautiful. Heroes.

I hope you’ll make it! Sounds very nice and the trailer appealed to me too.

:-) Looks interesting, Nico!

Good luck!_


Because I recognize Nico's talent.

This kind of films has to be made

The story touched me

Some film must be made. For example this one. Beautiful project, Nico!

Nico Bunnik is a genius

Nico is a true film artist and deserves our support!

The subject interests me, namely that someone does not leave his village but stays.

Nico sees the people around him. He films what moves him. And what touches him touches us. This makes him very special.

Film makers who despite everything, want to make, must be supported. Nico for example with a wonderful project.

Because I think Ethiopia is a beautiful country with a rich culture that hopefully will be highlighted through this film and those who stay.

Film makers must make films! So support for Nico!

Nice project Nico! Wish you a lot of good luck.

Because independent filmmakers like Nico must be able to continue making their films like this one.

Because it is important to continue to look at the world in a personal way.

A very special project, also due to Nico's personal approach.

Wonderful subject, I hope it inspires others.